Thursday, March 21st  @ 10 am (PST)


How to Stay away from Comparison Syndrome & Start Showing up Online Confident, Productive & Visible.


-with Carolyn O’Neill


On this Training, you’ll learn how to stay out of Comparison SyndromeThe #1 offender of killing original thought and crushing your confidence – and get into a position of creating your content authentically & confidently.


Do you want to build a solid foundation of confidence and position yourself as an authority so you can create authentic content on social media easily and without insecurity?

Show up as your authentic self, have extreme clarity on your content purpose, and actionable SIMPLE next steps to apply to your business right away?

 Duh… of course, you do!


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You were blazing your own trail rather than following someone else’s voice, strategy or tactic

You felt worthy of being the type of person that shows up daily as exactly who you are without fear or insecurity

You were liberated from your own insecure thoughts, judgments & expectations of not being ‘good enough’ or ‘doing it right’


You feel like your leading multiple lives;  how you show up online & how you are with friends are very different

Your surprised when people resonate with your authentic self but don’t know how to deliver that through content online

You hide who you are online out of fear of what others will think 

You look to look to other people’s content, lives, stories to get inspiration and then find yourself in a black hole of unworthiness after

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You wake up early, grab your coffee/tea/liquid libation to get your creative juices flowing for content writing – cause ya know, that is your plan for the day.

So you jump on social media to get some ideas…

Maybe you already hit social media on your phone while laying in bed to get “inspiration” for the day.

And then 3 hours later, you haven’t posted ANYTHING on your page. You start to feel the green monster of inevitable envy start to rise up through your chest.

OR, maybe anxiety is starting to build because you’re not as ‘savvy’ as ‘Suzy’ on social media. Your starting to feel like an impostor, feel even more unqualified compared to everyone else.

So, instead of writing that content you promised yourself you were going to do, you put it off tomorrow when the slate is wiped clean. Yes, tomorrow.

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