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Carolyn O’Neill is a Speaker, Empowerment (Stoked) Coach,  Business Strategist & multi-passionate entrepreneur,  creator of The Stoked Approach© (her signature coaching methodology) & creator of several online courses such as - Activate Your Business Vision.  Founder of Dream Bigger Digital & Mamafest: Ride for the Cure (2000 - 2009). 

Carolyn has been consulting on digital marketing & advertising best practices for small businesses since 2008, working for larger advertising and marketing corporations. After many years in the corporate landscape, she was eager to branch out on her own to inspire emerging entrepreneurs, existing small businesses & individuals on how to execute on their dream life & businesses. Dream Bigger Digital was born in early 2019 to help entrepreneurs & leaders activate influence, impact & lifestyle while making money doing what they love. 

Unapologetically, Carolyn has continued to push the envelope in what is possible for ourselves in life & business. As an ex-athlete and snowboarder, she is no stranger to pushing the extremes and that spirit has carried over into her professional work as an Empowerment (Stoked) Coach & Business Strategist for small businesses & emerging entrepreneurs.

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