Empowered Founder: Group Coaching Mastermind

Give us 12 weeks and we’ll help you make the leap from overwhelmed impostor into Confident CEO / Thought Leader

THE STOKED APPROACH: Female Founder Business Accelerator

Grow your leads, sales & impact with a clear M.A.P. for building an aligned business strategy. (mission, autonomy, purpose)


Start Creating Powerful Growth Strategies That You’re Wildly Worthy Of.


The Empowered Founder Incubator (EFI) is a powerful 6-month, transformational program for developing first-time female founders & creatives by implementing a combination of personal development & business strategies.

Whether you’ve been in business for 6 months or 6 years, our incubator will help you get on the right track and get the momentum you’ve searching for in order to move your sales & marketing forward by actually implementing a confident business strategy you believe in and understand. Because it will be built for you, by you.

Empowered Founder: Group Coaching Mastermind
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