our mission:

Advancing female equity in the world by empowering female creatives & founders to define their own model for success & build a business on their own terms they are wildly worthy of.

Our approach:

Creating a new approach to how women perceive themselves in the world, by creating aligned businesses that make an impact.


Hey there, I’m Carolyn O’Neill. CEO & Founder of Dream Bigger Digital, LLC  and the creator of the Stoked Approach – 1:1 personal coaching & business mentorship for emerging female entrepreneurs &  AMPLIFY – First-time founder & creative Incubator.

We are a business & personal development coaching company specifically geared towards empowering women to build, launch & grow women-owned enterprises locally & globally.

We have found the most influential way to accomplish this big vision & mission is through community + support + through other women and leading by example of what is possible. 

We believe in a whole-hearted approach to building sustainable foundations for emerging lady leaders & creatives. Including mindset, a bit of ‘practical woo’, tactics & strategies to support YOU showing up like a badass lady leader and making S*#t happen, on your own terms.

are you ready to stop hiding in plain sight, get visible, and paid?!

Discover the joy of doing what you love while simultaneously boosting your confidence and growing your bank account. Build your business with passion and purpose, unlocking the path to both personal fulfillment and financial success.


But first, let’s set up a sustainable way for you to grow alongside your business so you’re not feeling overwhelmed, directionless while self-sabotaging yourself before you even start gaining momentum.

Women are wholistic.

We measure our lives in equal parts both professionally & personally.

Your professional growth will NEVER outpace your personal growth. Most times we have this idea backward – “if I make $X dollars I will be happy” or “my business will help me gain the self-worth I’ve been looking for”. This way of thinking throws us into a spiral of uncertainty and makes us question our worthiness if our business isn’t kicking ass right out the gate.

support. clarity. empowerment.

Real People. Real Results

For most women, we are givers. Our time, our energy, and our money to those around us and forget the most important person in that equation…ourselves. In my not so humble opinion, we have a lot of subconscious BS programming we need to (frankly) blow up in order for us to become the women we so deeply know we are capable of. One of them is we are not worthy enough to invest in ourselves in order to take the quantum leap necessary for our growth. Well, that’s some Bull Shit too! If your eager to rise to the challenge and be held accountable, I invite you to take the leap and invest in yourself. It’s the best damn ROI out there because you investing in THE MOST IMPORTANT thing – your brain, time and your future.

“Working with Carolyn has definitely helped in increasing my confidence in myself.  I was able to attract more clients by becoming more myself. She has done this by working with me to refine my daily practices- which have been so important in improving my resiliency to staying dedicated to my higher needs and maintaining balance in these changing times.”
Kathryn Young

HeartMath Mentor & Holistic Organizer , @heartyourheartwithkat

“Identifying the blocks (Activate Course) was huge and I’ve noticed my entire approach has shifted. I am confident, excited, and proceeding as though this is my future, not a temporary hobby.”

“My sales have jumped drastically and I’m connecting with my customers in a new way. I never dreamed January would be a busy month and I just took in over $600 in sales over the weekend!”

Natalie Anne

Custom Jewelry; Hand-Made with Intention , @stonesandsticks.ps

“Carolyn listened carefully and then immediately provided me with some terrific hacks and alternative ways of thinking about my writing block that quickly opened me up to new mindsets and possibilities



Antonia Banewicz

Mindset Coach and an Entrepreneur , Brighter Better Days

activate mindset. accelerate growth.


connection call (30 mins)

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