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Activate Mindset & Accelerate Growth for female entrepreneurs.

Mindset coach business mentor


Starting a new life, career or business?

1:1 and group mindset coaching + business strategy for coaches, service-based businesses & consulting.

Full support from start to finish. Save time, frustration & money from the beginning.

Activate a Worthy Mindset

Change the paradigm of how you see yourself in the world through innovation, creativity & purpose.

Build CEO Confidence

Generate customer promise, processes, packages, pricing & promotions/marketing.

Accelerate Business Growth

Become THE thought leader in your industry, take up space you deserve & deliver on your customer promise.

Hey There! I'm Carolyn O'Neill.

With over 20+ years of empowering emerging lady leaders, I understand that it takes more than the right strategy or tactic to succeed in developing business. I help women entrepreneurs Activate a Worthy Mindset so they can confidently build, launch, and grow their dream business. Accelerating business growth by getting visible so they can start getting PAID doing what they love.


Inspiring women ~ like you ~ to uplevel your life, know your worth & get paid accordingly. I help women get out of a scarcity mindset & imposter syndrome to living a Stoked Life of alignment, abundance & wealth.


Don't let technology be the barrier to living the life you want. Leverage the version of the Laptop Lifestyle that works for you. Our team will help you with practical, non-technical consulting for your business process & systems.


I have been developing out a business vision that includes everything about who I am.  I was struggling and challenged by the “how to’s” to integrate and cross over the threshold of being visible in the communities I am providing service for already and making a more profitable approach for what I do in the world.  “Being Me” in business is something I have desired and I knew I needed guidance and direction on how to make this happen for myself!

Kathryn Young

Founder / CEO, Heart Your Heart with Kat

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    6 Month, 1:1 Private Coaching: The Stoked Approach

    Become the thought leader of your industry & have the full embodiment of your customer’s transformation while establishing your own rules of success &  clearly understand what you need to do as a woman to truly value your own work. 

    Business Strategy

    From concept to completion. Developing strategies that meet you where you are at and guide you to where you need to go. We welcome new & experienced entrepreneurs in any phase of their online business journey.

    Leverage Digital.

    Leverage Digital Assets

    Systems to help you at any phase ~ BUILD, LAUNCH & GROW

    No need to reinvent the wheel. Leverage the systems that work for YOU in your business stype & create systems to take your time back.

    dream with us.

      “She listened carefully and then immediately provided me with some terrific hacks and alternative ways of thinking about my writing block that quickly opened me up to new mindsets and possibilities.” – Antonia

    Carolyn helped me through some tough days early in my business. I’m still here because of her help early on!

    Est. 2010

    Gina Jones

    CEO / Owner, Gina Jones, CPA

    I was feeling really stuck in the process of content creation. I was blocked and needed help.
    Working with Carolyn was quite liberating. She listened carefully and then immediately provided me with some terrific hacks and alternative ways of thinking about my writing block that quickly opened me up to new mindsets and possibilities.
    My mindset was much more open and positive after working with Carolyn. I had new ideas to implement. She also educated me as to new books to source and social media stats around my target and digital marketing. Carolyn has uncanny wisdom in her ability to connect. I felt like I had known her for ages as she was so in tune to where I was coming from.
    Antonia Banewicz

    Mindset Coach and an Entrepreneur, Brighter Better Days

    Working with Carolyn has definitely helped in increasing my confidence in myself.  She has done this by working with me to refine my daily practices- which have been so important in improving my resiliency to staying dedicated to my higher needs and maintaining balance in these changing times.

    Kathryn Young

    Founder / CEO, Heart Your Heart with Kat

    A Stoked Approach to Activating a Worthy Mindset to Accelerate Biz Growth.

    I am invested in your success, 100%. You have my personal commitment that I will match your willingness at every step & meet you where you are in your business + life journey.  Provide some gentle tough love and encourage a supportive space to see you through to the end of our journey with clear expectations & energy.

    Drawing from a wide range of tools, experience & practices from visualizing, quantum physics, laws of energy to spirituality, I  will guide you through your bigger vision journey and also challenge you to rethink your assumptions about your personal abilities. We will tap into your OWN zone of genius to start making money doing what you love and learn to engage in your higher-self activating life satisfaction and happiness…your own personal brand of STOKED.

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